Zimbra is considered to be one of the leaders in open source email and collaboration. Zimbra allows you to store and sync your documents, emails, files and contacts in the cloud and make hem accessible to you whether you are online or offline. It combines or gathers all your accounts and puts it in one place – Yahoo, Gmail, AOL mail – all of your email, calendar and contacts. Zimbra also gathers social network in one place – Twitter, Facebook posts and the like. And with the Zimbra Collaboration Server, social network information can be viewed or accessed anytime through any web-based device.

Clients using Zimbra can enjoy the following key features of the product:

  • You get all email, calendars, contacts and documents in one application.
  • It works whether you are offline or online.
  • You have the power to synch Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail email, contacts and calendars.
  • Zimbra works Windows, Linux or Mac based computers.
  • Expect unlimited email storage.
  • You can read your email from any POP or IMAP email account including Hotmail, AOL or business email.
  • Available in 20 languages.

With Zimbra, emails can be easily composed as well as edited, deleted and replied to. You can drag and drop emails or messages into an existing or new folder or the trash. It is also possible to add signatures for each of your accounts and using the right “from” address when you reply to messages. Even when you are offline, you can reply to email messages and save them in the Outbox folder and send them the moment you reconnect. Zimbra supports plain text and html message formatting.

Part of Zimbra’s feature is the ability to collapse email threads into a single conversation view in order to simplify your inbox and make it look neat and organized. It is also possible to put tags on your emails or messages. You can easily look for or search your mailbox for documents, pictures, texts even those with attachments. With the Advanced Search Feature, you can even search by folder, date, person’s name, subject and attachment.

Users of Zimbra can take advantage of its web mash-ups feature. With web mash-ups you can view addresses as Yahoo! Maps or detect your location and points of interest with Yahoo! Local. It is also feasible to view your calendar schedule within an email message by simply hovering over a date. Additionally, you can preview web pages at thumbnails instead of opening a browser.

Zimbra allows you to store and sync your Zimbra, Yahoo! And Gmail account contacts in one place as well as create groups and tags to easily organize them. You can even add photos to your contacts. When you compose email, it automatically completes email addresses.

You can manage and color-code your calendars and choose to view it by day, week, workweek, month or list view. Easily drag and drop events to new days or change times. You can even invite others to meetings and view calendar to check when they are free or busy.

Zimbra allows you to edit documents as well as add images, tables and spreadsheets and share them in email. You can also track your to-do’s including start and end dates. Attachments can be saved in briefcase instead of as a message attachment. Most importantly, it works with any account you set-up.

The best thing about Zimbra is it is free to download and use by anyone, whether she/he is using Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

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